If you love playing wrestling games, you’ll acknowledge that WWE games are always cool to play. in this article, I’ll be providing the download links for WWE 2K20 ISO for PPSSPP.

WWE 2K20 is out on Consoles and Computers, but not officially out for android users, but just like how pes 2020 iso was created for android users, you can play WWE 2k2o like that as well.

wwe 2k20 iso

This game has a lot of features and of course, all our best wrestlers like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks and many familiar faces are in this game.

WWE 2K20 ISO Features & Updates

I enjoy the work put in by the modders of this game, unlike WWE 2k19 that has some bugs and lacks certain features, 2k20 is a bit different and even you’ll enjoy every bit of time you spend playing this game. so let’s check out the features below.

New Superstars – Unlike WWE 2k19 where the majority of the WWE superstars we see on live tv don’t exist in the game. So now the new update on WWE 2k20 has seen improvements on superstars, there are both new and old faces in the current update. New and legendary superstars are now in the game. you can use wrestlers like mark henry and great kali.

Amazing Graphics – A game with poor graphics quality shouldn’t be considered as a game. But I’ll assure you’ll call WWE 2K20 ISO the best you’ve played on your Android device. This game now has cool HD graphics and you’ll be able to play it on your Android device without experiencing any lag.

New Entrance – Entrance scenes for stars like Sasha banks, roman reigns, Becky linch, Milz and Daniel Bryan has been updated. You can now see all superstars entrance scenes before you begin a match, the modders of WWE 2k20 did make sure there are improvements made on that part.

New Match Modes – The newly added match modes will kill boredom for you, you can now play as many matches as you want, from tag-team to hell in a cell, TLC, money in the bank, 1 Vs 2, or 6 men tag-team match. there are different modes you’ll find in the new WWE 2k20 update.

New Stunts and Smackdowns – Stunts like Roman Reigns spear and superman punch have been included, you can now use different stunts from any of the superstars you use. the game now looks more exciting cause of the stunts and smackdown improvements made by the game modders.

Requirements To Play WWE 2K20 ISo

  • Android OS 5.0 above
  • At least 2GB Ram
  • 2GB free space
  • Good battery, at least 3500mah for longer gameplay
  • Good processor, like snapdragon or any high processor.
  • PPSSPP Gold
  • Zarchiver APK

WWE 2K20 Game Details

Game NameWWE 2K20
Developer2K INC
Current Version
Last Update
13 Jan 2019

WWE 2K20 Download Links

The WWE 2K20 ISO file is 190MB, but after extraction, it will be 1.15GB, while the data and texture files are about 290MB, the download links are provided below.

How To Install WWE 2K20 ISO On Android

  • Download the WWE 2k20 ISO and PSP folder files on your Android device.
  • If you have PPSSPP Gold installed on your Android device, kindly delete the PSP folder in Android/PSP.
  • Now Extract the WWE 2K20 PSP Folder on your Android device, then move the PSP folder and paste it in your internal device memory, paste it on Android
  • Once done, extract the WWE 2k20 iso file too. then launch your PPSSPP Gold app, then go to settings and configure the graphics.
  • Go to settings in PPSSPP. Settings > Graphics > Mode: Buffering Rendering. Frame Skipping = 3.
  • Lazy Texture Caching (Speed Up) tick to enable it.
  • Enable Retain Changed Textures
  • Set Anisotropic Filtering to 16X
  • Then Go to System under PPSSPP Settings, Enable Fast Memory by ticking the arrow.
  • Then also set I/O timing method to Fast(lag on low storage)
  • Now go back to the PPSSPP home, locate where you extracted the WWE 2K20 ISO file. launch the game and enjoy playing.

wwe 2k20 iso

After doing all that, you can now enjoy playing WWE 2K20 ISO on your Android device. if you have any issues with installation, kindly leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.


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