NBA 2K20 Compressed is for sure one of the best basketball games for Android devices, it’s a game developed as per demands and it has many features that do make sense.

The infuriating aspect of this game is that it’s a paid game and also contains huge file space, so imagine spending to get a game and still using extra data to install it. Well, it’s not everyone that has the capabilities for that.

Therefore I’ve decided to give you NBA 2K20 Highly Compressed, this features about 300MB files split into 10 parts to make up 3GB which is the exact size for NBA 2K20.

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NBA 2K20 offers a lot of fun and it’s a game you’ll love to play as a basketball fan, well I have compressed this game into 10 parts and 9 files are about 300MB while the 10th is just 4MB. Now let’s see the features NBA 2K20 offers to its fans, we all can expect something good.


NBA 2K20 Highly Compressed Features

Multiplayer Mode – Playing different opponents is now much easier than ever, the new multiplayer mode features a quick match mode that’ll allow you to match with other players through Google Play Games or via Lan. This will let you play 5-on-5 matches and many more.

Realistic Graphics – NBA 2K20 offers high resolution and playing this latest edition on your Android device, it will feel as if you’re watching a live basketball match as a spectator. The graphics are very realistic and it makes the game even more interesting to play.

nba 2k20 compressed

Smooth Controls – You can now play NBA 2K20 without fears of control mappings not functioning properly, the new control settings make it easy for anyone to play the game with ease and it also allows the use of controllers, but it selects controllers.

The Association – Feel like managing a team? Well, you can do that by selecting a team and becoming the new GM. You can manage the team rosters, scout for players, take the team to competitions and also achieve greatness with them, there’s a low you can do in this mode.

Career Mode – In career mode, you have to build your Myplayer and take him on a journey from being an amateur to a professional NBA player. It takes a lot of playing time to get to that stage, so are you ready for the actions and stories in NBA 2k20 compressed

New NBA Soundtracks – New soundtracks have been added to help you complete a sweet journey getting to the top on NBA, you can now listen to songs from artists like Drake, Diplo, T-pain and many more.

There are other new features that have been added to the game and some of these features go to the online mode. No more lagging when playing with other players, you can enjoy every time spent on this game without having any issues. NBA 2K20 Compressed is the best basketball game on Android

NBA 2K20 Compressed Apk + Obb Details

Game NameNBA 2K20 Highly Compressed
Developer2K, Inc
Current Version
Varies with device
Last Update
15 March 2020
17MB + 3GB

NBA 2K20 Compressed Apk + Obb Download Links

The files are split to 10 different parts and also you’ll have to make sure you download the ones supported for your Android device processor.


Download NBA 2K20 Compressed (Arm)

Download NBA 2K20 Compressed (Arm64)


How To Install NBA 2K20 Compressed Obb On Android

Step 1. Download the files that support your Android device processor, download the apk and also the compressed files that are split into parts.

Step 2. Download and install Zarchiver on your Android device, you can download using this link.

Step 3. Open the Zarchiver app, then locate where the compressed files are saved to on your Android device, now use the Zarchiver multi-select feature and mark all the Compressed files from 1-10, now extract them.

Step 4. Now install the Apk file, then the folder that was extracted, you need to move the obb folder named com.t2ksports.nba2k20and to your Android/OBB folder.

Step 5. Now launch the APK file and begin to play NBA 2K20 on your Android device, or use the video tutorial below to install if you don’t get the steps.


I’m sure you found this article very helpful, you just need to follow all the steps according to how it was written, then make sure you download all files. If you have any issues with the files or game, kindly leave a comment.

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