Increase FPS in PUBG Mobile, it’s one of the best things you’ll want as a PUBG Mobile lover and of course, it gives a better gaming experience on your mobile device. When you play high-end games like NBA 2k20 on your Android device, you’ll surely want it in full graphics.

The same thing goes to PUBG Mobile as well and as we all know, no matter the device you seem to use, PUBG Mobile always have issues with pings and high pings will make the game lag especially if you’re on a full-scale graphics, that’s why you need to increase fps in PUBG Mobile.

A good FPS gives smooth gameplay and it gives an optimized graphics as well, there in this article, I’ll be showing you how to increase fps in PUBG Mobile. So if you’ve been looking for a way to do this, here’s an article for you

How To Increase FPS In PUBG Mobile

This tutorial is quite easy though and it’s being done via the help of a particular Android app, it’s a game fx tool that is designed for PUBG Mobile, though you’ll find tons of them in Google Play Store, not all work efficiently and some can even get your PUBG Mobile account banned.

About GFX Tool for PUBG

Firstly, you need to understand this app has no affiliation with PUBG Mobile and even though it works for it, the developers from both sides have no business together.

GFX Tool is an app that allows optimizing game graphics on mobile devices, it’s mostly known to be for PUBG Mobile, but it works for different games too and it has a lot of features that make it a great app to use.

You can use GFX Tool to increase fps in PUBG Mobile, you can use it to change the screen resolution of some games, unlock HDR graphics and also control anti-aliasing and shadows.

How To Increase FPS In PUBG Mobile With GFX Tool

Step 1. This is the first thing you need to do, go to your app store and download the app or you can download and install the app via the app button provided above this paragraph.

Step 2. After installing the app on your device, launch the app and from the options you see on the screen, click on Global Version.

increase fps in pubg mobile

Step 3. After clicking on the global version, now you need to configure the GFX Tool For PUBG, and you can do that first by selecting your Android device Screen Resolution.

Step 4. After selecting your preferred screen resolution, now you need to configure the app, giving a trial on different options works well tho but that takes a bit of time, but you can try some options below.

Step 5. For Android users with low-end specs, you should use the smooth option as seen from the GFX Tool app, then set the FPS between 60 and lesser or you can just set it to 30 and give it a try.

Step 6. There different options here and you have to select the ones you feel you need, enable anti-aliasing, shadows, rendering quality and also increase or decrease texture quality.

increase fps in pubg mobile

Step 7. After setting all that, just click on the Run Game button and see the difference in how your game performed compared to the previous settings. And if it doesn’t suit you, you can try different methods and see how it works.


When it comes to ways to increase fps in PUBG Mobile, this is the best possible way you can achieve that on your Android device, this app is the best and works well on most Android devices.