Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk is one of the best downloader manager apps you can use on your Android device, and it works in an exceptional way just like IDM+ Apk which is another cool downloader manager app on Android.

I could remember when I mostly use this browser to download movie files from Fzmovies years back, then I can download about 3-5 movies at once and regardless of my network speed, it downloads and doesn’t leave a pending spot for uncompleted downloads.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk is cool to use and it has a lot of features and it’s a lightweight browser that can help you multitask when it comes to downloading. You can use this download manager app to download heavy game files like PES 2020 and other huge game files that take a lot of time to download.

If you’re looking for the latest version of Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk, then you’re in the right spot to get it, I have provided the download links for this app and from here you can install the app on your Android device and use it to download any big files of your choice.

About Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk

Advanced Download Manager is a powerful download client for smartphones, most especially Android users and it’s an app developed to make downloads easy on Android, it has cool features and it optimizes download speeds regardless of the internet speed it’s using to download.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk is just like a smaller version of Internet Download Manager which is a PC version download manager, they both do an amazing job.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk Features

  • Simultaneous Downloads – One cool feature I like about this app is that when it comes to multiple downloads, it doesn’t fail and that really makes it my favourite cause I can download up to 5 files at once without any issues and no slow download speed once I have multiple downloads active.
  • Accelerated Downloads – When downloading multiple files or a large file with ADM Pro, it automatically put each download in multithread mode and have them splitted to 9 different parts, this action lets your downloads get completed very fast.
  • Network Suitability – ADM Pro Apk has one feature that simply makes it the best or one of the best, this app can get your files downloaded easily regardless of your network speed, it optimizes download speed on 2G, 3G, 4G and they have plans to add 5G features to it in near future.
  • Download Interceptor – ADM also intercepts downloads from browsers, when you’re trying to download files via your Chrome Browser or Brave Browser, if you have ADM Pro Apk opened in the background, it will grab the download link and push the download to its list of files to be downloaded.
  • Works In Background – When downloading with ADM Pro, you can close or minimize the app and it will still work and download your files in the background, but that might lead to battery consumption.
  • Built-in Browser – ADM Pro Apk has its own built-in browser for easier download intercepting, cause sometimes the download interceptor feature won’t work on some browsers, but you can easily use the built-in download option.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk Download Links

You can use the download links below to download this app on your Android device, the mod features is quite different from the normal app but they’re all the same and works the same.

ADM Pro Apk

ADM Pro Apk Mod (Old v8.5)

How To Install ADM Pro Mod Apk

  • Download the apk via the links above
  • Install on your device
  • Launch the app and begin to use the best downloader on Android.

Advanced Download Manager Pro Mod Apk

I hope you enjoy every bit of downloading you carry out with this app, it’ll surely please you when you begin to download on it.